Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Business Website

What is WordPress and Why is it Good for Your Business? WordPress is a web-based, open source website development and management tool built on the technology combination of PHP and MySQL. WordPress belongs to a class of software known as Content Management Systems (CMS), designed to allow people to create, publish and maintain online content […]

How to Improve the Performance of Your WordPress website

Over the past several weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to check quite a few WordPress websites, and what I found with many of them is that their page load times are simply too slow. Many of these sites were taking up to 10 to 15 seconds to load, which is simply unacceptable and exceeds the […]

The 7 Essential Utility Plugins All WordPress Website Must Have

Among the many reasons I love WordPress so much is that I can almost always find a plugin to fulfill any just about any website need I have. Of course, you’ve got the ‘super star’ plugins such as WooCommerce for online selling, Bookly for the making of appointments and WP Super Cache for overall website […]

How Create a New Administrator Account for Your WordPress Website

When you want another person to be able to manage all aspects of your WordPress installation in addition to yourself, then you will need to set them up with an Administrator account. The instructions for doing this are below. However, before you do so make sure that the person you are about to assign administrative […]

How to restore your WP-ADMIN folder

If your WordPress wp-admin dashboard is not working but the front-end of your website is working, it could be because your wp-admin folder got corrupted. Here is how to fix it. 1. Find out which version of WordPress you are using. Visit any page on the front-end of your website, right click and select ‘View […]

How to Fix WP Engine Emails Going into Junk Mail

WP Engine is fantastic. Though a bit pricey, it is the premium hosting option for businesses who want their website hosted on a secure, available, scalable and a fast environment. At Simpler Digital, we often have clients that host their sites on WP Engine. There is only one problem. WP Engine does not do email […]

How to default dropdowns to a blank value in gravity forms

Gravity Forms sets the default value of dropdown fields to the first item in the list. This is not a problem except when you have a required field and you want to ensure that the user explicitly chooses a value and not have it chosen accidentally. The solution is simple but if you don’t know […]

How to reduce or stop spam in Gravity Forms in WordPress

A client of ours was receiving 3-4 spam submissions a week via the Gravity Forms enquiry form on their custom WordPress site. We tried adding the standard Captcha field that comes with Gravity Forms. We also enabled the ‘Anti-spam honeypot’ that can be turned on in the form settings. Normally, the two options above tend […]

The Difference between a WordPress.COM and a WordPress.ORG website / Blog

If you looking to build a new WordPress based website, you have two choices – WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here’s how to choose the right option for you. Pros and Cons of WordPress.com WordPress.com is the cloud offering where you can get a free blog and pay for some upgrades. […]