A client of ours was receiving 3-4 spam submissions a week via the Gravity Forms enquiry form on their custom WordPress site.

We tried adding the standard Captcha field that comes with Gravity Forms. We also enabled the ‘Anti-spam honeypot’ that can be turned on in the form settings.

Normally, the two options above tend to work well and stop spam. In this case, they did not.

So we tried another way.

Create a conditional submit button

We created a field where the user has to identify a missing letter in a letter sequence.

Show us that you are human to see the submit button – which letter is missing in A B C D __ F G?*

This was a mandatory field. Also, in the form settings, we set the submit button to display conditionally. Display the submit button if the field above value is ‘e’.

On the front-end this displayed the form without the submit button.

When the user typed in ‘E’ or ‘e’ the submit button displayed.

That was it, and it worked beautifully. The client wrote in saying that they had not received spam form submissions that they were previously receiving.

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