Say you are mortgage broker and serve a few different types of clients with differing needs. Your first home buyer clients have different concerns to your seasoned property investor clients, who have different needs yet again to clients looking to borrow as part of their self-managed super fund.

When you meet your clients in person you tailor your conversation based on the particular needs of that client.

But how do you tailor your pitch online?

Why Most Businesses Do It Wrong

If you are like most businesses, you do not tailor the pitch. Fearing you may alienate the first home buyer with talk of self-managed superannuation funds, you simply provide a generic description of your services. The generic description, however, does not cater to anyone and ends of alienating everyone anyway.

So how do you have specific conversations with customers online without boring them with stuff that does not relate to them?

By using landing pages.

How To Do It Right

Landing pages are pages targeted at a specific sub-set of your customers.

In the case of our mortgage broker, you would have a generic services page which would provide an overview of your services. But then it would provide links to individual pages where the site visitor can learn more about a specific service.

Those pages do not have to be completely different. But they should use relevant titles, terminology, imagery, and answer specific questions and concerns of your target segment.

Of course you may pretty it up using nice imagery.

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