5 Tips for Creating Highly Compelling Calls-To-Action

A Call-to-Action (CtA) is a visual item or element placed in a web page that encourages a website visitor to do something specific, preferably right at the moment it is seen. Common examples of CtAs include: A phone number An email addresses A contact form with Submit button A subscription form with Subscribe Now button […]

Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Business Website

What is WordPress and Why is it Good for Your Business? WordPress is a web-based, open source website development and management tool built on the technology combination of PHP and MySQL. WordPress belongs to a class of software known as Content Management Systems (CMS), designed to allow people to create, publish and maintain online content […]

How to Use Landing Pages to Target Different Customer Segments On Your Website

Say you are mortgage broker and serve a few different types of clients with differing needs. Your first home buyer clients have different concerns to your seasoned property investor clients, who have different needs yet again to clients looking to borrow as part of their self-managed super fund. When you meet your clients in person […]

Is your old website hurting your Google ranking?

Google ranking is important to most businesses. Given the targeted traffic that Google can deliver to your website, it is highly recommended that your website is Google friendly / Search Engine Optimised. Yet many websites, especially ones built a few years ago, are not Google friendly / Search Engine Optimised. While there are many facets […]

5 Questions to Test If Your Business Needs a New Website

1. Is your website modern and visually appealing? While the visual design of a website is not the only factor in determining its effectiveness, it is an important part. If your website looks dated or amateurish, then your business may look out of touch or amateurish. Given that much of early customer engagement with a […]

Web Design Lessons from Michael Jordon’s Childhood

Before Michael Jordon was a multi-millionaire basketball megastar, he was a poor kid living in the slums of Brooklyn, New York. One day his father handed him an item of used clothing and asked what it was worth. “Maybe one dollar”, replied Michael. “Ok, I want you to go and sell it for two dollars”, […]

15 Questions to Finding a Great Web Design Firm in Brisbane

There are many web design and development firms in Brisbane. They can build you a standard website from $1,000 to $10,000+ depending on their expertise, business model and your needs. Like their prices, the quality of their work can also vary greatly. The Problem with Choosing the Wrong Web Design Firm Some web design firms […]